Izolácia lieči: Tieto miesta ťa svojou krásou chytia za srdce


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V dnešnom príspevku ti dokážeme, že izolácia lieči. Tieto miesta ťa svojou krásou chytia za srdce.

Dnešný rýchly život náš často unavuje a vysáva z nás energiu. Nie je preto ničím výnimočným, že ľudia vyhľadávajú miesta, na ktorých ich nebude nikto vyrušovať. Podľa týchto ľudí izolácia lieči. Občas je skvelé poriadne si oddýchnuť bez ľudí, mobilov a inej elektroniky. Naše telo a duša si občas vyžaduje takúto očistu. Ak nechceme stratiť zmysel pre čas, mali by sme občas spomaliť a dopriať si tak vytúženú samotu, aspoň na pár hodín.

Vestmannaeyjar Archipelago – Island

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• i c e l a n d Of course #EllidaeyIsland

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St. Thomas – Slovinsko

Meteora – Grécko

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Niekde v Kanade

Niekde uprostred lesa – Východné Fínsko

Telgárt – Slovensko

Aj v Číne nájdeme takéto skvelé miesta

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30 Isolated Places That Can Heal an Exhausted Soul

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Faerské ostrovy

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An excerpt from my journal this morning. It’s 4am and I landed in Brisbane for a layover. I sat in the middle seat my last flight and didn’t get any sleep… I tend to get grumpy when I don’t get my sleep. I had booked my tickets online and my seats were just picked automatically. I pulled my tickets out of my pocket to check my seats for my next flight and as I looked at it I let out a huge sigh accompanied with a lengthy, eye roll. A fit any 5 year old would have been proud of. I marched myself over to the ticket counter as any self respecting human with another middle seat would do to demand my seat change. As I marched to the seemingly empty gate I spotted the to-be victim of my tired state sitting behind the counter. She was a middle aged lady with a name tag that read “Mandy”. She also had a smile on her face that belonged on no human being at 4 in the morning. “wow you look just like my son!” She said before I even got to the counter to voice my demands. I was caught of-guard as I was not anticipating a personal comment from the person designated to hear my displeasure. I tried to compose myself and responded “your son must be very handsome then” with a stupid grin on my face. Mandy chuckled and said “he is! He’s also a really good man, I know you are too”. I didn’t know what to say. At this point my whole demeanor had changed. I went from slouched over to perfect posture, and my mood went from annoyed to happy. Mandy then asked “what can I do for you?” At this point I had totally forgot why I was even up there and had to regather my thoughts. In the most polite way possible I asked her if there were any other seats available. What seemed like more to her dismay than mine she told me there were only middle seats available. With a big smile I thanked Mandy for her time and went on to sit in the middle seat on that 10 hour flight with a completely changed attitude. Mandy spoke something over me this morning. She told me I was a good person without even knowing me and she made that true for myself. With those words My mood changed and I became the good person that she believed me to be. Words are a powerful force. Thank you for your words, Mandy.

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Niekde uprostred Islandu

Stará chata v lese – Írsko

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